On Arrival

Give Your Rose A Great Start

Here’s what to do when your roses arrive to keep them happy & healthy!

  • Position to receive at least half a day (6 hours) of sun.
  • Do not plant around established tree and shrub roots. Select a well-drained soil medium.
  • Water in well after planting and mulch soil surface.
  • Avoid rocky, coarse soils and badly drained soils, build up beds to improve drainage.
  • Avoid old rose beds unless new soil has been added. For mass effect spacing between bush roses can be as little as you like, but ideally 50cm apart.

Prepare the soil a few weeks before planting with organic matter or well rotted compost.

Water regularly via deep soaking especially after planting or watering foliage at night.

Use a well reputed balanced fertiliser and feed in September, December and late February.

Removing spent blooms will encourage more flowers.

Trim long growth to ensure good regrowth and more flowers.

Prune established plants in winter, removing dead branches and approximately 60% in height.