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Rangpur Lime

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This true to type lime is very well known in India, where it originated after Gondwanaland separation in the area of what are now, their north-eastern states. It has a unique combination of being very precocious (very early fruit bearing) and at the same time retains a lot of juvenile vigour and thorniness.

The rewarding timeline growth habit exhibits decreasing thorniness with age as the juvenile vigour subsides. A strong advantage for gardeners wanting to use the lime fruit year round, is that it hangs quite firmly on the tree and the fruit retains its juiciness and acidity.

Time to forget early lime marketeers proclaiming all limes are green as an advantage to you. Of course at immaturity all citrus fruits are green, but when mature there is an extraordinary palette of citrus colours to choose from and lime are no exception. Rangpur Lime fruit is stunning with its deep orange skin, orange colour internally, with a fresh limey perfume. The few seeds are easily removed. The fruit is ideal to add to fish meals and to make an attractive and tasty marmalade. Cooks will appreciate using this attractive skin for zest.

Another real advantage for the home use is to pick two or three at a time, add them to a fruit bowl until they soften and then use them. They will keep for weeks. You will find that the skin is both firm and flexible and enables almost complete squeezing out of the juice and pulp without effort.

The tree is easily trained from the first year to a shape suiting your garden or patio. Having a tree in the garden or in a large container laden with highly coloured fruit is a joy to behold.

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