Potted Rose Care

Can I leave my roses in a pot?

Your roses will continue to grow and flower in a pot, however roses do have a sizable root system and can become root bound and outgrow the size of the pot. Re-potting will be necessary when this occurs. Pot size will depend on the type of rose you have but in general the bigger the pot the better. When re-potting only use a good quality potting mix. Avoid using soil from the garden as it may constrict new root growth.

Mulching pots will act as an insulator, protecting from loss of moisture. Whoflungdung is a natural recycled product that offers many benefits. mulch such as Sugar Cane, Mushroom, Lucerne, Hay or Straw are also recommended. Compost will provide nutrients to the soil whilst conserving water and keeping the roots cooler in summer. Mulching is best done in early spring and should be kept away from the base of the rose stem. Avoid using mulch containing eucalyptus or pine mulch as this will change the acidity of the soil. Rocks or pebbles around your roses should also be avoided as they heat up and dry the soil.

How often should I water potted roses?

Every day or every second day is recommended as pots offer no protection for our elements. Don’t allow potting mix to completely dry out.

Fertilising is best applied early September and again in February. If your soil is sandy you many need yo apply September, November, February and April. Seamungus is a great all year round organic fertiliser.

Suckers may grow from the rootstock of the plant and are best removed. Follow the sucker down, clear away soil and completely remove. Never cut off from ground level as this will only stimulate more sucker growth.

Removing dead flowers and seedpods will encourage further flowering growth.

Weeding regularly will allow airflow to the rose and allow healthy root growth.

PH level of 6.5 is suggested, which is very slightly on the acidic side of neutral.

Aphids and other pests can generally be hosed off with a water jet. Soapy water can also be sprayed as a natural alternative. Encourage ladybirds, hoverflies and birds to your garden. Plague proportions can be sprayed with Eco-Oil pest spray.

Mildew is a white powder on shoots, this can be eliminated by spraying with Milk, 1 part milk – 10 parts water.

Pruning is best done in July. Roses can be cut back by two thirds. Remove all dead wood and twiggy growth whilst thinning out crowded branches.