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Autumn Newsletter – May 2019


MAY 2019


Now is the time to select and order the roses you wish to plant this June, July or August as bare root roses.

From experience, bare root roses do adapt readily to their new sites when planted. These sites for new roses should be prepared now by applying a good compost together with Neutrog’s Seamungus and GoGo Juice and regular “digging over” every month prior to planting. This will ensure the sire is full of the nutrients and good microbes it needs to support the newly planted rose.

Knight’s Roses have released some great new varieties this year and we hope you can find room in your garden for some of these.

Our new releases include: Winx ™

Proudly supporting The National Jockeys Trust, a charitable trust established in 2004 for the purpose of providing funds to jockeys and their families left in hardship, especially due to severe injury or death.

The Winx rose is a tribute to the great champion – the world’s best racehorse. Between May 2015 and her retirement in April 2019, Winx won 33 consecutive races including 25 group 1’s, at distances raging from 1300 metres to 2200 metres. In 2017, she was inducted into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame, only the third horse to earn this honour while still in training. The Winx rose is impressive just like the mare. A vigorous, low growing Shrub rose, it produces small clusters of 305 fully double, creamy white flowers. The flowers are retained for a long time on the bush and the healthy, dark green, glossy foliage creates an excellent contrast to showcase the flowers. Winx is ideal for many garden landscaping situations including bedding and borders. The bushy growth habit, reaching approximately 80cm tall, makes this rose a perfect choice as a ground cover or container plant. 

WINX stages of bloom and foliage (002)

Guy's Gold

A rose that deserves a prominent position in your garden. ‘Guy’s Gold’ produces a large number of bold canary yellow blooms which hardly fade at all. The pointed buds open into round decorative blooms, up to 12cm wide, which sit proudly above the dark shiny leaves. It is one of the earliest roses to bloom in the season and remarkably quick to repeat.

The plant is erect and densely branched with bushy, even growth. With its long flowering season and lovely bright display in the garden, Guy’s Gold is suitable for use in beds, borders or low hedges and fantastic for cutting stems to take indoors.

Bred by Robert Harkness and named to commemorate the Guy’s Hospital Nurses’ League in the UK.

Notre Dame Du Rosaire ™

Translated as ‘Our Lady of the Rosary’, this rose has an unsual colour for a Rosa Generosa variety from Guillot Roses in France. It has inherited its Old World garden rose shape, but has the contemporary look of new shrub roses. The bush produces abundant bouquets of fragrant blooms, 8cm in diameter, in an attractive blend of orange and pink. The bush has very healthy, glossy leaves with excellent disease resistance, repeat flowering and growth habit to approximately 80cm which makes this plant ideal for small gardens and borders. This rose is a great performer with a good holding life in the vase and looks beautiful in the garden.

The SACWA Rose™

The SACWA Rose™ is a classic Hybrid Tea which produce dark, velvety red flowers with a moderate sweet rose fragrance. From Rosen Tantau in Germany, this rose was bred to be vigorous and healthy with excellent resistance to Mildew and Black Spot.

Individual flowers are 8-10cm wide, creating large, round blooms when completely open. The plant produces plenty of basal shoots and has regular flushes of flowers throughout the growing season. The bush grows to approximately 1.2m – 1.5m tall, making it ideal for use in the rose beds or planted in small groups for more impact. The large, rain resistant flowers make a particularly good cut flower with a long vase life.

The South Australian Country Women’s Association (SACWA) is a not-for-profit organisation serving the community since 1929. The organisation is made up of volunteers who work to improve the welfare and conditions of life of women and children, of all ages, whether in the city or country. SACWA is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2019, and this rose will be used to raise funds for programs that support rural aid for farmers across Australia.

Dolly's Dream™

Dolly’s Dream™ is a stunning, fragrant, burgundy coloured rose to celebrate the life of Amy “Dolly” Everett. This beautiful Shrub Rose from Rosen Tantau’s Nostalgic Collection features large, cup shaped flowers produced in small clusters of 3-5 blooms on strong stems. It is an attractive deep purple colour in warm weather changing to a more intense burgundy on cooler days. Typical of a Nostalgic Rose, Dolly’s Dream™ has a lovely strong fragrance showing an oriental character and repeat flowers extremely well. This is a very healthy, bushy rose with a well branched habit and abundant semi-glossy foliage with good disease resistance. Also suitable as a cut flower.

Knight’s Roses will pay a royalty from the sale of this rose to the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. The Foundation supports programs that focus on protecting children from violence and creating behaviour changes in the community to reduce bullying and cyber bullying.

To order these roses either contact our office by phone (08) 8523 1311, email or visit our website and order them online.

We look forward to your feedback on how these roses perform in your garden incoming years.